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That's why I created #IGFORCOACHES. It's my proven and predictable IG Marketing System designed to grow your following, and turn those followers into CLIENTS. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

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Introducing #IGFORCOACHES:
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Setting Up Your IG Sales Funnel

Ain't no point in sending people to your Instagram page if you don't have it set correctly. We're about to turn your Instagram account into a CLIENT-ATTRACTION machine! 🧲


Finding Your Ideal Clients

The first step to growing your following with ideal clients is to first ... figure out WHERE your ideal clients are hanging out ... I call this "finding the fishing holes" and I'm gonna give you the RESEARCH STRATEGY you need to do it. 🎣


Growing Your Following

You'll learn my "3,2,1, Follow!" method that turns "strangers on the internet" to #loyalAF followers realllll quick. Get ready to build a highly engaged and LOYAL TRIBE. πŸ“ˆ


Selling In The DMS

How the frick do you lead a sales conversation in the DMs?!?!! I got chu boo. I'll show you my 4-Step DM Flow that'll have you converting those DMs into DOLLA DOLLA BILLS! πŸ’΅


Content That Converts

You ever wonder what to post? When to post? How often to post? Or what hashtags to use? Yeah, I know you do. I'll take away all the confusion and give you a FORMULA to create content that has your ideal client slidinnn' into your DMs and askin' to "hop on a call." ☎️


Stories That Sell

What kinds of stories should you be posting to CONNECT with your audience, provide massive value, keep them engaged and position yourself like the go-to authority in your niche? I'll show ya. I'll also show you how to leverage stories for market research and how to loop them back around to your DMs so you can have even MORE sales conversations! πŸ€‘

Let's Do This!

What's Included With The Course?


Access to the course and all the new bonus modules and trainings. And trust me ... there will be plenty of bonus trainings. I'm about to turn this into WAY MORE that just an "Instagram" course. This is about to be THE COURSE for online coaches that wanna build their coaching biz from the ground up. πŸ”


Building a biz (especially an online biz) can feel pretty lonely and isolating at times. That's why I created a Facebook community of other other badass humans who are building online coaching businesses just like yourself. Hello new INTERNET BESTIES and possible collab opportunities. 🀩


"What if this is just another course I buy and do nothing with???" Simply put, it WON'T BE. This is exactly why I am throwing in 6 LIVE GROUP COACHING SESSIONS with yours truly. I'll be answering all your questions, cuz getting "stuck" in this course is just NOT an option. πŸš€

This Program Is For You If πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

  • Content Creation is a NIGHTMARE. You feel lost and confused about where to start and what to prioritize. The entire process is hella stressful, you overthink everything, and you have trouble staying consistent. You crave a SYSTEM and a STRUCTURE for content creation so that you can eliminate overwhelm and create content with ease! 

  • Your Following Isn't Growing. Your account is growing at a snails pace ... or worse ... it's actually going backwards! You want the secret to growing a following full of ideal clients that actually want what you have to offer.

  • Engagement on Your Account is LOW. When you post ... crickets. You get little-to-no likes and not very many comments. Your story views are LOW and your DMs ... well they a ghost town! You want to build a community of engaged followers and like-minded connections you can call your tribe!

  • Selling Scares You. You're self conscious about selling your services and you certainly don't know how to strike up a sales conversation in the DMs. You might view sales as "slimy, sleezy or pushy" and you want to learn how to sell in a way that feels both authentic and genuine for both you AND your prospects.

  • You're a Coach Who Needs Clients!!! Maybe you're a brand new coach looking to sign your very first client. Heck, maybe you've been at this for a while but you still don't have a predictable process for attracting clients and making sales. You want to be hitting consistent $5k-$10k months so you can go full time helping people and doing what you love!

What chu waitin' for?

Hey, I'm Morgan ... and I built this course for online coaches just like yourself. You see, it wasn't too long ago that I MYSELF was having a hard time trying to find clients. I had all the coaching certifications in the world (about $10,000 worth of them to be exact!) but I didn't have a sweet freaking clue how to generate leads and turn them into sales. I struggled for 4 YEARS not being about to figure out the whole "client-attraction" thing ... but once I did ... holly freaking CRAP my biz took off quick!!

I left my job in February of 2020 and by May of 2020 I had generated my first $20k month. That's more than I would have made in 6 MONTHS working at my previous job!!! I said to myself "damn Morgan, you gotta teach other people how to do this" and voila, a baby (and a MISSION might I add) was born.

My goal is to help 10,000 coaches grow their coaching business and go full time online using the system I created - and I truly hope you'll be one of them.


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