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This Free Live Training Will Cover:

  • The 4 CORE Components of Successful Instagram Marketing. This is the formula that allowed me to sell over $17,000 in coaching packages in just 22 days without fancy funnels, paid ads, or posting everyday.

  • Why Chasing After Vanity Metrics (i.e. 10k followers) is a BROKEN Strategy. I'll show you why having a "small" following is actually your BIGGEST advantage and HOW to cultivate that following. *** Hint: this is how my clients have been signing their first high ticket ($2000) clients with less than 300 followers. ***

  • Avoiding The "Content Creation" Mistakes That Keep You STUCK. It's not about hashtags, posting everyday or having the perfect graphics. I'll show you what really matters and take away the confusion & overwhelm.

  • An UPDATED Instagram Strategy that actually WORKS in 2021! By the end of this masterclass you'll know exactly what to focus on and EXACTLY what to prioritize to grow your biz on Instagram. NO. MORE. CONFUSION. This strategy will work for you REGARDLESS of how "saturated" the platform is or how the "algorithm" changes because you're about to learn how to grow a LOYAL following you can call your TRIBE!

  • All Of Your Instagram Related Questions. This ain't no pre-recorded training. Join me LIVE on Wednesday where I'll answer all your IG Marketing questions so you can go home feeling confident and secure!

Wednesday July 28th at 5pm PST


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Hey, I'm Morgan!

In February 2020 I quit my job as a lead generation strategist to go full time with my online coaching business.

... just TWO MONTHS later I had hit my first $20K month.

Clearly my Instagram strategy was WORKING and so I decided to teach it to other coaches ...

Did it work?

The proof is in the pudding ... (see the testimonials below!)

If you're ready to learn how to use Instagram to sign your first few clients online, I'm ready to show you. Click the button below to save your seat for this FREE 60 minute masterclass!

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